Click to enlargeAutumn 2006

  • Hope and Fear
  • Identity Theft: Misinformation Can Be Your Friend
  • Where Have The Philes Gone?
  • A Back Door to Your Oracle Database
  • Hacking Flickr
  • Fun with the Sears POS
  • Never Pay for WiFi Again!
  • Hacking MySpace Using Common Sense
  • Ringtone Download Folliez
  • HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Mark Abene aka Phiber Optik
  • Insecurity at Pep Boys
  • Mobile Devices - Current and Future Security Threats
  • Hacking the System: Useful Connections
  • Ownage by AdSense
  • Information's Imprisonment
  • Singapore Library Mischief
  • Monitoring Motorola Canopy with Windows XP and MRTG
  • Attacking Third Party Tracking

    Plus LETTERS, MARKETPLACE, and the 2600 PUZZLE