Click to enlargeSpring 2004

  • Twenty Years After
  • Taking Advantage of Physical Access
  • Bypassing Minor Website Security
  • Exploiting AIM Screen Name Loggers
  • Using Perl to Defeat Provider Restrictions
  • A Simple But Effective Spanner in Your AVS
  • Hacking the Hilton
  • Cruise Cracking
  • A Sprint PCS Trick
  • Hacking a Mercedes Benz with a Universal Remote
  • The $40 Hardware War Dialer
  • Serial Number Security
  • Barcode Tricks
  • Installing Debian on your Unmodded Xbox
  • Uncapper's Paradise
  • Inside Adelphia
  • Subverting Non-Secure Login Forms
  • Setting Your Music Free: iTunes Music Sans DRM
  • Vonage Broadband Security Risk
  • Sharing Your Life on a Peer-to-Peer Network
  • MSN Redirect Scan