Click to enlargeSummer 2006

  • Whom Shall We Blame?
  • More on Hacking Facebook
  • Getting Screwed by PayPal
  • Hacking the System
  • Easy Access to T-Mobile and Cingular Accounts
  • Ego Surfing
  • Public Access
  • Breaking Mac OS X Program Security
  • GPOs and Group Policy: Just Say No!
  • HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Bruce Schneier
  • Music Today
  • Hacking Warner Brothers Records
  • Network Administrators: Why We BREAK Harsh Rules
  • Having Fun with Cookies
  • Roll Your Own StealthSurfer II Privacy Stick
  • Using Loopback-Encrypted Filesystems on JumpDrives
  • An Argument Against MD5 Authentication

    Plus LETTERS, MARKETPLACE, and the 2600 PUZZLE