Click to enlargeWinter 2005-2006

  • Preserving the Magic
  • Network Administrators: Why We Make Harsh Rules
  • Practical Web Page Steganography
  • Hacking a JP1 Remote Control
  • The RedBox DVD Kiosk
  • Punking the Watchers
  • How to Track Any UK GSM Mobile Phone
  • An Introduction to the Asterisk PBX
  • Spoofing Your Charge Number
  • Phone System Loopholes Using VoIP
  • Physically Accessing Your Apartment with Skype
  • Obfuscation and Encoding in PHP
  • APOP Email Protocol - MDS Challenge/Response
  • PGP Key Signing Observations
  • Persuasiveness and Social Engineering
  • The Real Electronic Brain Implantation Enhancement
  • Observing the Lottery
  • Sears Portrait Insecurities
  • Kodak Secrets and Wal-Mart Fun
  • The Workings of a Kodak Picture Maker
  • WiMax, AT&T Style
  • Cheap Mobile Internet for Your PowerBook